The personnel are selected after due verification from various sectors provided training as deemed fit. Civilians are being selected and we train them through our trainers (Army/Navy retired personnel) with knowledge of security, fire fighting use of fire extinguishers and all facets of security and safety. Physical fitness of the personnel are as follows.
Height – 5 feet 6 inches and above
Weight – 60-70kg
Qualification – Minimum 10th class passed
Age group – 20 – 45 years.
Dress material and kits
Security personnel will be provided with complete uniform of good quality, shirt, pant, black leather belt, monkey caps, linear and whistle. Supervisors and the above categories get pea caps, liner and whistles with a standard monogram.
Training facilities
For effective security services, training of inducted personnel methodically and systematically to acheive desired standard is a must. No one understands this as much as we do, so our company is headed by an ex-army personnel which is why Unity Guards offer the entire gamut of training services to our men. The training is imparted by qualified instructors of ex-armed forces. Our comprehensive training capsule covers physical aspects of the security such as armed and unarmed combat, the element of gate control, perimeter patrolling, maintenance of documents, detection of pilferage, fire fighting, first aid, public relations, industrial relations and the art of being courteous yet be firm while dealing the concerned people. The aim is to make them a perfect corporate solider.  We have a Govt recognised training institute in New Mumbai in the name of Military Training School, Panvel.
After training the personnel are placed under experienced security guards for on-job training. The security personnel, who will be selected for your stablishment has already performed duty in a similar scenario. The security personnel thus selected for new contracts are put through orientation of the new place under designated Area Managers. The new site will be daily visited by our manager/area officer both at day as well as night to ensure constant wrath to ensure the tenacity of the security personnel to ensure constant vigil and tenacity of the security personnel. We have a strong liasons with police and Government agencies.
Surprise checks and control
Unity undertakes the surprise checks including night rounds by officers. They control sites, collect reports with suggestions or inside information for our honourable clients. They check all individuals whether they are doing their duties vigilantly, punctually and obediently. They maintain the identity of the company with discipline. Muster card and identity cards are provided properly to all security personnel.
Replacement & Rotation
It is required to avoid unfair familiarity and acquaitances. Unity may rotate its personnel or they will be shifted/transferred or with drawn form services on the clients request as and when the person is found guilty indulging in unwanted activities.
Terms and Conditions
Unity Services contract terms are valid at least for a specific and a minimum period of one year. The strength of our security personnel cannot be reduced during the contractual period and in any case the client desires to discontinue our services an advance notice of 1 month is a must, alternatively a one month notice payment as compensation to Unity in lieu will be payable with the notice of discontinuity.
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